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Our Committee

The AUSDC is managed by a committee of members dedicated to sharing our passion for swing dancing with everyone. It is made up of the following roles:


The president's role is twofold; To co-ordinate the committee and to be the face of the club. This involves delegating and following up tasks with committee members, calling & chairing meetings, and attending club classes/events or delegating someone to attend in your place. Where a vote is taken on any issue, the president has the deciding vote in the event of a tie. This role can become a lot of work depending on how well you can delegate tasks. The position must be held by a UofA Student who is not also treasurer.


The treasurer's role is to manage the finances of the club. This involves taking admission at all applicable club classes/events or delegating someone to to do so in your place, as well as managing the bank account and signing off on all transactions. The position must also be held by a UofA Student who is not also president.


The secretary's role is to handle communications of the club. They send out weekly emails, write posts on our Facebook page, and reply to or forward correspondence and may also update the website in conjunction with the webmaster.

General Committee

There are also 2-5 General committee positions. The general committee members help co-ordinate and run the day-to-day activities of the club. They help setup and pack down events & classes, as well as participate in active discussion on issues facing the club.

Informal Roles

The committee may also delegate the roles of a webmaster to manage the website, and a safe space officer who monitors and enforces our safe space policy where necessary. These positions are not chosen by general election.

Committee members may hold multiple roles if necessary except where stated above.

Our Constitution

Our club is run in accordance with its constitution. You can view the current version HERE.

Here is some important information about our club's attitude and policies to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome:

The AUSDC is a Safer Space

A Safer Space is an environment in which everyone can enjoy themselves, be included and feel safe.

Whoa, That sounds like some heavy stuff!
It sure is but it doesn’t need to be all that complicated. First and foremost we ask and expect that all our members respect and be respected by each other. If you’re doing that, then we should be all good.

To help our members understand our Safer Space, we've put together a little guide that sums up how to Keep Every Dance Awesome for You and Your Partner. Please have a read; there's a lot of good stuff in there!

Have questions? Take a look at our Formal Safer Space and Grievance Policy, or contact us for more information.

We Welcome Feedback

Our club is committed to ensuring all our members have a great time and can’t wait to come back.

If you liked or disliked something, we want to know about it!

See our feedback page for details; you can remain anonymous.

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